What is pH?
The pH level of pool water is a measure of its acidity. It is noted on a scale of 0-14, with a pH below 7.0 indicating the water is acidic. A pH of 8.0 means the water is basic or alkaline. Between these two points is the proper pool pH level: 7.2 to 7.6.


Top Reasons Proper pH is IMPORTANT

  1. Low pH causes eye and skin irritation. Acidic water not only stings the eyes and nasal passages, it strips the body of its natural oils leaving skin dry and itchy, and hair brittle. The human body is naturally near the neutral point on the scale.
  2. High pH inactivates chlorine. The further your pH level goes into the basic or alkaline range, the less effect your chlorine will have. Consequently, you find yourself spending far too much money on chlorine and still having water that isn’t clean.
  3. nbalanced pH can damage vinyl liners. With low pH, a vinyl liner can actually grow, creating unsightly wrinkles. If pH gets too high, a vinyl liner will age more rapidly and have to be replaced sooner.
  4. Low pH can lead to corrosion. Acidic pool water can begin to corrode everything from pumps and other mechanical systems to ladders, and slide and diving board supports. Low pH water can even corrode the plaster in gunite pools.
  5. High pH causes cloudy water. Many minerals come out of solution as pH rises, leading to murky water and mineral deposits.

With a little practice and regular attention, you'll become more confident in your ability to maintain proper chemical balance. Until then, we're always here to help you keep everything on track. Having problems balancing and maintaining pH? NO PROBLEM! Bring your water sample into one of our stores & let our chemical experts test it for FREE!