Preparing For Your Opening

Welcome back Browning family, we hope to find everyone rested and ready for fun in the sun! But first, if you have a scheduled pool opening with us, thank-you for choosing Browning Pools & Spas! We are dedicated more than ever to provide you with the best possible customer service, and a big part of that starts with communication so thank-you in advance for taking the time to read this post.

We want you to understand what to expect and how to best prepare for your pool opening. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your appointment, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your pool is our business, and we’re here to help. 301-972-3800

We’ve created a handy checklist for you to use in preparation for your service appointment.

  • Covers. Before our arrival please remove all off-season water and debris from your winter cover. To avoid damage to your pool or cover and avoid injury to our crew, we will NOT open pools with excessive water/debris on covers. If we determine that there is a threat of damage or injury, (a) there will be an additional $55 fee to return to open your pool at a later time and, given our schedule, (b) it may be several weeks before we would be able to return to open your pool. If we’re good to go, your pool cover will be removed, swept, rinsed, folded and left by your pool for storage. Scrubbing your cover is not included in our opening packages. If you would like to have your cover scrubbed or would like to have the cover placed anywhere other than poolside, please make arrangements with the service office before your appointment.

  • Water Levels. The level of your pool water must be to the top of skimmers. Water not high enough will prevent us from starting and troubleshooting any filter system issues and from checking for leaks throughout the system.

  • Please be sure our crew has unencumbered access to:

  • A safe pool area. Please keep all pets inside at the time of service. We understand that our clients have pets, but we request that for the protection of our service technicians that you keep them indoors at the time of service.

  • Easily seen and centrally located equipment (filter, pump, ladders, dive board, etc.). All equipment must be at ground level. For safety and liability reasons, we will not go into lofts, climb ladders or move your property to access or store your pool equipment.

  • Outside sources of water (garden hose) and electricity (Remember to turn on outside power). Also, filter timers must be activated.

  • Additional Chemicals if needed. We supply one opening kit. Please have any other chemicals out by the pool for use if required.

  • Your Frog System, please have a mineral reservoir and lo-clor packs ready for installation. (this will be completed only if water tests are within the recommended range)

  • Vacuuming & Chemicals. Most of our packages include ½ hour of vacuuming. If you know based on history or are aware of your pools current condition and would like to pre-order additional vacuuming, please do so at the time of scheduling.

  • Heaters. Gas & Propane heater services are needed for all gas heaters to ensure you & your family’s safety. They will not be turned on by the opening technician if heater service is not ordered & completed. All clients are responsible for informing Browning service staff at the time of scheduling if you have a gas heater & if you do or do not want it serviced. Current Heater Service: $260

  • Prepayment. Please remember that it is our policy to receive payment at the time of service. A credit card must be on file when all service calls are scheduled. You will have the option of paying with a check at the time of service, however, if a check is not presented, your credit card on file will be charged the day service is rendered. All accounts that are not paid the day of service will be subject to a $50 fee.

  • Rainy Days. We will conduct openings in the rain unless there is a danger to our crew (i.e., lightning, severe weather) and as long as the weather does not impede our ability to do the opening. If we are unable to open your pool, we will do our best to get you rescheduled as soon as possible. That means that your original date could be pushed out another week. We appreciate your patience while you wait for your rescheduled date. If you must have your pool service performed by a specific date, please schedule your appointment 3-4 weeks in advance to allow for any weather-related delays.

  • Rescheduling. If your service technician shows up for a scheduled service call and the gates are locked, dogs are in the yard, or preparations are not made for the service that is to be performed, there will be a $55.00 rescheduling fee charged to your account. Please Note: We do understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that may apply. These matters will be discussed and reviewed on an individual basis.

  • Cancellation. Our cancellation policy is as follows: A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. You can contact us by phone or e-mail to notify us of your need to cancel. If you do not provide the required 24-hour notice, a $55.00 cancellation fee will be charged to your account. Send email cancellation notifications to or call our Germantown location: 301-972-3800

Remember! If you have any questions or concerns about your opening don’t hesitate to give us a call.
We want to help make this the Best. Summer. Ever.

We’ve created a handy checklist for you to use in preparation for your service appointment.