Being in the swimming pool business for as long as we have, we have seen a thing or two, or three, or four….especially when it comes to the panic-stricken pool owner preparing for a party and the pool is not party ready. One thing is for sure, there are few things worse than a pool party with green water or everyone walking around with bloodshot eyes and itchy skin. So when it comes to planning a pool party,

the number one most important thing you can do is make sure your pool is clean, clear, and chemically balanced.

With that said, this may or may not take some time, so DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Save yourself from the stress! A little preparation leading up to the party will ensure your pool is ready and your party is a success. Following, you'll find a list of 5 steps that should help you out.

But, before we get to the five steps, make sure that your free chlorine, total chlorine, calcium hardness, pH, and total alkalinity are all in the correct range.

  1. 5 Days Before the Party

    Free Chlorine Levels - Do not heavily shock the pool the day before or the day of your party. You need to have plenty of time for the chlorine to do its job without it overpowering the comfort of swimmers. The minimum level of free chlorine in the water should be 1 PPM. If you are planning a large pool party with a lot of swimmers in the water, then this will not be enough of a buffer. You should aim to have your free chlorine level at a minimum 3 PPM in advance of your party. This will give you plenty of protection in the water, as well as a suitable reserve of chlorine to deal with all of the impurities, bacteria, and debris that will be introduced during the party.

  2. 3 Days Before the Party

    Brush Your Pool - Brushing will remove any dirt or debris that may have attached to the sides and bottom of the pool. Make sure your pump is running, and sweep slowly starting from the surface working your way towards the main drain.

  3. 2 Days Before the Party

    Check Filter Pressure - Make sure that your filter is working correctly, it is the first line of defense against all of the fun that a pool party brings. If needed, go ahead and backwash.

    Add Clarifier - Pre-treating your water with clarifier a few days before the party will remove invisible solids that get in the way of sanitation, and make pool water dull and hazy. The clarifier will give polish and sparkle to your pool water.

  4. Day Before The Party

    Test Your Pool Water & Vacuum - Test your chlorine and pH levels to make sure that they are balanced. The free chlorine should be high, that's okay. Add chemicals if needed. Clean out the skimmer baskets and vacuum.

  5. Day of Party

    A quick skim of any debris that may have fallen in the water overnight and a quick check of the skimmer baskets, and you should be ready to party!

With just a little planning ahead, you will save yourself from being stressed before, during, and even after the party.

Be Safe, Have Fun, and of course