3 Signs You Need A New Vinyl Liner

1. You Notice Significant Fading
Sun exposure can be dangerous for pool liners over time, causing the vinyl to become brittle. Brittle vinyl is more likely to suffer a puncture and begin to leak, or simply to rip because it cannot stretch to fit the pool properly anymore. If you notice significant color loss to your vinyl liner, it may be time to replace it.

2. You're Losing Water
Some water loss is normal for any pool. Swimming, splashing, and evaporation can all cause some water loss. However, more than an inch of water loss per week that is not caused by splashing can be a sign of a tear in your liner. Depending on the size of the pool and your ability to locate the tear, you may be able to patch the hole. Larger holes, or holes that cannot be located, mean you will need to replace the liner entirely.

3. Your Liner Is Wrinkled
A wrinkled liner is a sign that your pool’s chemistry has not been well maintained. In addition to being aesthetically unpleasant, wrinkling can be a sign that your liner has become brittle and that it is likely to rip. Once your liner is wrinkled, it is not possible to remove the wrinkles. You'll need to replace your liner.

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