Our chemical experts use a revolutionary in-store lab that tests your water in under a minute to the degree that no test strip is able and provides results that are stored in our private database to keep record and track any potential patterns. You will also receive a printed copy of the results, and if needed, step-by-step instructions to achieve water balance.

Maybe you designed and built your pool from the ground up, or perhaps you bought a home with an existing pool. Whatever the case may be, most people want a pool to swim, have fun, share quality time with family and friends, and cool off from the heat. Probably the last thing to be considered is taking care of and maintaining your pool's water chemistry! That's right. It's one of the not-so-much-fun parts of owning a swimming pool, but oh so important. Water can look clean and clear, but do not let that be the determining factor of safe swimming conditions. Prolonged or consistent imbalances in your water can lead to devastating effects on the swimming pool itself, not to mention a health and safety concern for all swimmers.

As a full-service swimming pool company, we get it, not everyone has an easy time figuring out water chemistry. For some, it's a cinch, for others, it takes time, and then some never get it or want to even try! But your pool is our business, and we are here for everyone!