A letter to Chuck Browning...
"We wanted to write to you and express our thanks for the beautiful pool and spa that you created and built for our family. The finished product is wonderful and it is everything that we had hoped for. The pool design you created was perfect. We appreciate all of your hard work that went into creating the design that fit both our family's needs and the pool of our dreams. We have had so many compliments from friends, family, and neighbors. Many of our neighbors knew of other pools that you built over the years and they assured us that you would provide the highest quality of products, as well as workmanship, and they were right.
We would also like to thank many of your employees for the wonderful jobs that they did at our home. Dave Rickets, the master electrician, was so kind to us. He did a fantastic job on the electrical system, as well as, all of his many other contributions to the pool. He gave us great advice every step of the way on how to use the system, as well as many helpful hints about pool ownership. Pedro, the job foreman, did a fantastic job on our pool. He was there for the entire project, from start to finish. He was such a hard worker and was so helpful to us when we had questions during the duration of the project. He and the crew of men provided great workmanship on our project. Wilson, another job foreman, was on our project at the beginning and at the end. He worked so diligently and got the crew motivated and stayed right on task. It was a great experience for our children to watch the whole process in constructing the pool from start to finish.
We are so very pleased with all of the parts of the pool system. They are top-of-the-line and very easy to use. The pool heater works great. It heats up the spa in about twenty minutes. So we can enjoy the spa virtually anytime. The lighting system is unbelievable. The color it displays provides a great show, as well as lighting up the entire pool. The filtration system is keeping the pool clean and clear. Also, the shark vacuum is working great at keeping the pool clean without any work on our part. It is especially nice to have it on a timer so that it automatically turns on early each morning making the pool ready for use all the time.
It was such a pleasure to meet your father Charles. He gave us a thorough tutorial of the pool system. After meeting with him, we were very comfortable with how to operate the system and how to apply the pool chemicals. He spent a lot of time with us and was very patient with answering our questions. He suggested that we take water samples to your showroom to be tested weekly to make sure that we are on track. This is such a great service that you provide your customers. Tameesha is very knowledgeable about the pool products and takes good care of us when we visit the store.
We are also very pleased with the aluminum fencing that you installed. It looks great in our yard. The crew did a great job installing the new fencing and replacing our existing wood fencing as well.
We also wanted to thank you for taking the time to come over to our home after the project was over just to make sure that we are comfortable with pool ownership. We really appreciate the follow-up visit.
We will proudly recommend Browning Pools & Spas to anyone that is considering investing in a pool. It is a lifetime investment and your company provides the best design, product, and workmanship for such an investment. We wish you much success in the upcoming year."
The Wattay's

"I contracted with Browning Pools because of a reference from a satisfied two time return customer. My salesman, Barry Adams was a knowledgeable and helpful with the project plans. The site project manager was an asset to the team addressing any issues that surfaced and upon completion Doug Rumpf explained the functionality of the pool from the hardware to the chemicals in a clear and concise manner. The project was completed on time and professionally. The owner and his staff are customer oriented. I will, and have recommended Browning Pools and Spas."
S. Bilger

"I would like to take this opportunity to communicate my complete satisfaction with Browning Pools. Our family has experienced nothing but pleasure from our backyard pool. Barry was our sales person and he showed us the utmost professionalism and a very caring attitude. He was so patient as we went through the "process". His knowledge and suggestions were so important to us. You definitely have a gem in Barry. Additionally, I would like to comment on the retail sales staff and the parts and service staff. Always a smiling face in each and every one of them. I again thank you for employing these excellent individuals. Each time I come into the store or need service, they are willing and able. I love that in an environment. Thanks again and we continue to be satisfied Browning customers!!!"
A. Oliver

"I would like to say thank-you for all of the assistance from all of the members of your staff that helped build my pool! I would like to start with Barry and Chuck who made the pool tour enjoyable and showed us many different features, designs, layouts, available for the pool area. Thank-you to Monique, Chad, Dave, Christy and all the others who are so friendly and helpful in my pool experience. I would also like to thank-you for the time and patience you gave me when I realized the first design and layout were too small. I wish you all a blessed and happy new year and look forward to seeing you in the spring for the opening of my pool! Thanks a million!"
D. Lewis

"As we are finishing up our first year with Browning Pools, we wanted to express how very pleased we are with our entire experience. Everyone we have dealt with, from our initial discussions with Barry through design, construction, opening, and your retail staff, has been professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Like your staff, the pool has exceeded our expectations. More than just a place to go swimming, it has become the focal point of our backyard. The design is beautiful but also very practical, giving us a place where the kids can play with their friends as well as something that makes us smile every time we look out a back window. It's a wonderful place to sit and relax with the sound of the water. Thanks for making our dreams come true."
The Powell's

A letter to Chuck Browning...
"Happy holidays to you and your entire team at Browning Pools and Spas. As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to you and your entire team for the magnificent effort all of you out into designing, building, and landscaping our pool. If our first year is any indication, we will be getting many years of enjoyment from our investment. We have really enjoyed being able to relax in and around it, and our son has enjoyed being able to entertain friends after his lacrosse practices and games and even after a few QO football games this fall. You'll be pleased to know his group of friends overwhelmingly selected our poolside as the site to take their high school homecoming dance pictures. From the very start, you and your team did a lot to make the process easier for us.
You and Barry Adams were tireless in showing us other pools and discussing design ideas to help us make sure we got exactly the pool we wanted. Your personal involvement also certainly contributed to the smooth execution of the build out. While such a major project is disruptive, your organizations great attention to detail and communication throughout the process really helped to make it a lot less stressful. At every step of the way, your people were very knowledgeable, open and honest in all our interactions. We are very thankful for the wonderful effort your entire team put in to ensure the success of the project. We would be happy to recommend Browning Pools to any of our friends. Wishing your entire team a wonderful holiday season."
D. Olinger

A letter to Barry Adams...
"I would like to take this time to express our gratitude for the wonderful job you did on our pool. We are extremely thankful for the customer service that you and your staff provided throughout the process. We enjoyed working with you from the first meeting, showing your professionalism, and most importantly your commitment to our family to make sure the project was done as discussed. "Brigam's Bay," as you so appropriately named our pool, has become the central focus of our backyard entertainment area. Thanks again for your commitment to your clients and building our backyard dream. We got other bids that were less. But we felt comfortable knowing that "you get what you pay for," and Browning provided all that you said they would….and more. In closing, we would recommend Browning Pools and Spas to anyone who is thinking about putting a swimming pool in their backyard. Thanks again for our beautiful Browning pool, we look forward to many, many years of family enjoyment."
The Brigham's

"I know that this letter is long overdue! We just wanted to write and thank-you for all your hard work on our beautiful new pool. We are coming to the end of our first summer as pool owners and we have enjoyed it immensely! But I can still recall those days last summer when we thought this dream would never happen. When you started our project last summer our family was very excited. Barry knew our complicated yard/ drainage/ hill situation presented quite a challenge but Mr. Browning and Chuck gave us assurance that the team could handle it. Their confidence gave us courage to go ahead with the construction of a nice sized vinyl pool with a generous surrounding patio and retaining wall. As the work progressed we realized the insurmountable boulder problem arose. We concluded that our whole project would have to be scrapped. After several tearful days of extreme family disappoint and gloom we asked Chuck if he could think of any possible way to salvage our dream. He promised to give it some more thought and get back to us in a few days.
I will never forget when he came back several hours later on the SAME day with a lovely drawing of his new idea for a gunite pool that would solve our problem and look beautiful too! Our hopes were revived. After considering the extra cost involved, we decided to switch to the gunite pool which allowed for raising some of the pool wall and patio above the ground, giving us some depth in the deep end that was previously impossible due to the boulder. It wasn't finished until fall but the kids did get to swim a little bit in cold water – (actually they had more fun paddling their inflatable rafts in it!) When the first warm days of spring arrived we couldn't wait ti dive in! The work had taken longer but the finished product was well worth the wait. It turned out beautiful! What was once an unsightly barren hill is now almost a tropical paradise! What a pleasant, relaxing place to be even when we're not in the pool! We are so glad we chose to get the Pebbletec interior too. It keeps getting prettier all the time. Monique was very patient with all of our phone calls and questions. It has been interesting and fairly simple learning how to take care of the chemicals and not nearly as complicated as I had imagined. Overall it has been a positive experience and we just wanted to write and let you know. Thanks again and God Bless you all at Browning Pools!"
The Arcano's

"After researching pools for over two years the most significant thing that I learned was there are three things available; service, quality, and price. However, you can get only two. In other words, you might find one builder is less expensive than another but, I guarantee you the service and or quality will suffer and you have to ask yourself, how much is that worth? The one thing that was a huge help is going on the Saturday morning tours with Barry. First, you get to see the different pools and designs which are very helpful so much, we did it twice (remember to bring a camera). Last and not least, Barry Adams is an incredible design consultant and very trustworthy.
Thanks for all your help Barry! Everyone from the owners to the office staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful even after the pool was completed. I have three friends that put pools in over the past four years. Two were put in by national companies and one locally owned. There were horror stories with all three from breach of contract debates, long delays, and a failing inspection requiring the electrician to come out two additional times. The reason you won't have these problems with Browning is because they don't subcontract out any part of their service when installing a vinyl pool. They aren't beholden to a subcontractor who has supposedly finished their part and are now onto the next job. Getting them back to fix a problem will take some time. You have already paid for their work so how motivated will they be to make you a priority? Now, I did have one problem with my pool installation. There was a manufacturer's defect in the attached spa and after the pool and spa were filled, there was a leak. I mean I lost three inches overnight and I was concerned to say the least! I called Charles Browning and he had a crew out that very day to inspect it. Also, Charles himself came out at the end of the day to personally evaluate the problem. The problem was identified and it was quickly resolved. That is why I chose Browning, because if there was going to be a problem; there would be a quick and professional resolution. I didn't have to look out my window day after day wondering when a subcontractor would get back to me. I did interview four different companies and at the end of the day, Browning was the most expensive. However, I didn't think twice about going with Browning because service and quality meant the most to me, especially when it comes to making a long term investment."
H. Friedman

"David and I wanted to express our sincerest thanks to you and your staff at Browning Pools and Spas for the tremendous service, quality, and professionalism you showed to us before, during, and after our pool was completed. Quite honestly, we have never been more impressed with a company and its staff and we should know. We built our house from the ground up and also had an addition put on several years later. Since we have dealt with many contractors which left us with horror stories, we must say you have restored our faith in good, honest, great quality workmanship. Not to mention a company that stands behind its product. Barry, you are a wealth of knowledge that was indispensable to us in the process of ensuring that we received the best information for compiling a pool that would meet all of our needs and we found that your wonderful personality wasn't just salesmanship. You have a great product, you believe in it, and there is no one with more honesty than you. In our opinion, you are indeed a valuable commodity at Browning. Chad, Monique, Cindy, Dave and all your staff at Browning were terrific also.
We called many times to see how things were progressing and never once did we feel that our phone calls or questions were ever a burden to anyone. In fact, many times we felt your staff took extra time with us to make sure we were comfortable with their responses. It was quite wonderful to deal with each and every one of them. And Chuck, what can we say – you made our dreams come true. What an awesome sight to walk into our backyard and see a fifty foot wide, double waterfall cascading down into our pool. And at night, with all of the accent lighting on the waterfall, in the pool and around the decking – it seems to good to be true. Like it must be someone else's yard.
We feel truly blessed and we thank you for making this possible for us. In conclusion, we would like to say that we have recommended Browning to all our friends and family. We would also like to extend that recommendation to anyone else that is planning to purchase a swimming pool--- use BROWNING POOLS --- you will truly have the best pool in the neighborhood!"
The Kuhar's

Dear Browning Family,
"Let me preface this letter by saying that our pool is beautiful. Browning has successfully created my dream pool. As you know this past summer you company installed our pool; however what you don't know is the process that we went through before choosing Browning as our pool builder. We communicated with at least four other pool builders in the area and chose to meet with Browning Pools because of its locality and its long term reputation. Our initial communication with Browning was with Barry Adams, your senior sales consultant. Mr. Adams was very informative over the phone answering many questions that many other pool builders would not discuss without a personal meeting.
We were very impressed so we set up an appointment to meet him at our home. Mr. Adams met with my husband and I and explained many aspects of pool construction as well as all the aesthetic features we could have but most of all he was very candid with regards to pricing and the time frame of the construction. Barry offered to take us on a pool tour am I am sure much to his surprise we actually took three pool tours. He was very accommodating and we never at any point felt pressure from him about signing a contract. We chose Browning Pools because of Barry Adams. Our comfort level with him and his frankness was very important to us. A trait we did not get from any other pool builder sales representative. The staff began construction on our pool on June 8. We were assigned a crew, Chad Saylor as our site supervisor. The crew was very professional, hardworking and very personable. Any concerns or questions we had addressed immediately. We never felt like "just another client".
Chad and his crew always went out of their way to make sure that this pool was constructed safely and just the way we wanted it completed. The pool was completed by July 21st, which for all intense of purposes was right on time, considering we had a week of heavy rain during the construction period. The pool is absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt I can say that it is my dream pool. We are glad we chose Browning. Thank you and your staff for the professional and personal touch you gave to us during this process. We would recommend Browning Pools to anyone that is planning a pool installation and wants to have an excellent experience."
Chris & Sandy Sappe

A letter to Chuck...
"With our first pool season coming to a close this week, Larry and I felt compelled to send a letter of thanks to Browning Pools. We've enjoyed our new pool and hot tub immensely this season as have many of our friends and family. We have received so many compliments and always recommend Browning to anyone even thinking of putting in a pool. As you know, even our next door neighbor who used another company recommended you to those that were on a pool tour one day. Our experience with Browning was very positive and pool construction went very smoothly.
We were so pleased that the pool was actually ready to use by the beginning of summer and did lots of "entertaining" this year which allowed us to visit more often with friends as well as use our porch, deck, and backyard. We wanted the opportunity to thank all of those involved in the Browning experience including Barry Adams, our salesperson whom we met initially; Monique, who kept us informed of construction milestones; the many Daves and Dougs at Browning; Eric from service; the construction crew; and everyone else behind the scenes as well as the retail stores, who are always helpful when we come in. Of course, we thank-you Chuck, for the beautiful pool design, and both you and Barry for helping us work out the glitches in the beginning (we love the lights and the remote!) We will continue to tell our friends about your company and wish you continued success. We can't wait until our next pool season!!"
The Nagielski's