“The Man” to the world of triathlon, first inductee into the Ironman® Hall of Fame, and six-time Ironman® Champion, Dave Scott is a premier trainer and coach to elite athletic champions and aspiring fitness consumers of all types. Dave has consulted in the designs of the Aquatic Training Vessels, and has authored various workout programs to help you use the ATV™ for your maximum benefit. This includes a comprehensive program with videos for every level of training and encompasses the emerging athlete all the way up to serious competitor. Dave Scott will be there to help you find a training regimen that fits your goals and aspirations. The program contains almost 100 different short videos with training tips and insights in and around the ATV to help you with:

  • Injury Rehab Exercises
  • Strength and Stretching Exercises
  • Swim Stroke Improvement Techniques
  • Learning to Swim
  • Overall Conditioning