Aquatic fitness is a vital part of any sports training or health and wellness program. Whether you are motivated by competition, conditioning, injury recovery or simply want to maintain your quality of life, ATV the ideal solution for you. With your body immersed in water you improve your health performance without the impact of land-based exercise. Aquatic exercise takes the pressure off bones, joints, muscles, and tendons to help you avoid injury or to aid recovery. Health professionals recommend regular aquatic training because it supports sore limbs and can decrease swelling and inflammation and increase circulation. It also helps improve your strength and fitness stamina, as well as your range of motion. Some of the countless benefits of an ATV swim spa include:

  • Improved swim technique
  • Competitive swimming edge
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Weight management
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better mood
  • Low-impact workout
  • Improved sleep
  • Cardio health
  • Resistance training
  • Upper & Low body workout
  • Improved range of motion



Swimming is a total body, low-impact workout that is easier when you own an ATV. Step into your ATV, set the pumps and jets to the level of flow that you want, and swim!
With the ATV you can fine-tune the flow current to match your precise swimming needs. You can get a mild current for a relaxed swim or turn it up to get the most rigorous swim of your life! Both the ATV-17 and ATV-14 Sport models have three pairs of dual-speed turbo jets and three pumps for you to adjust to the level of flow that you want. With this array of pumps and jets you can get a current up to 480 GPM. The ATV-17 Kona steps it up to challenge even the most competitive swimmer, but you still have the ability to choose your swim pace when you want a less intense swim. It has three pairs of dual-speed WhiteWater-4™ jets and three dual-speed pumps, which gives you a current up to 1,000 GPM!

Aquatic Fitness

You can get your complete workout without the pressure on your joints, tendons, and bones by having an aquatic workout in your ATV. The ATV is prefect for any age and health condition because you can tailor your aquatic workout to fit your body’s needs. It also provides a great workout alternative when recovering from an injury or surgery by building strength with low-impact movement. You can do a number of versatile aerobic activities, such as working on your balance and strength with the aerobic step option. Add the rowing kit for resistance training to build strength and increase range of motion. Use the swim tether to swim with or against the current for more of a challenge. Jog in place against a gentle current and add weights for additional strength training.


Enjoy a relaxing soak and hydrotherapeutic massage in the ATV’s therapy chairs. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a massage that utilizes Marquis hydrotherapy jets that deliver high-flow low-pressure to sooth muscles and soft tissue. Help your muscles relax, take pressure off your joints, and improve your circulation in your ATV. The warm water benefits and massage will help you destress, unwind, and feel better. Turn on the fountains for additional soothing ambiance and watch the stars.

Family Fun

Play, enjoy, chat, relax. Connect with your family in your ATV! Just walk out your door and into your ATV for quality family time. Play with your kids, teach them how to swim, take a dip, or relax together and enjoy the benefits of the hydrotherapy massage jets. The ATV has it all! Turn on the jets and have an aquatic workout or turn on the fountains and connect with your family, instead of turning on the TV and disconnecting. In the ATV you can share quality time with your family and friends year-round, anytime you want!

Health & Wellness

Having trouble getting a workout into your routine because of pain or convenience? An ATV is the perfect solution! An aquatic workout allows you to move easily without stress on bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, which helps to improve your balance and flexibility. This support from the buoyancy of the water makes exercising less painful on your body, so you can workout longer to improve your strength, range of motion, and overall health. The water adds additional resistance for higher intensity workouts that are low-impact on your body, which you don’t get from land based workouts. You also have the added benefits of warm water therapy which relaxes your muscles. This can help with sore/stiff muscles and help people with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

  • Decreased joint inflammation
  • Decreased tissue inflammation
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved strength
  • Increased circulation
  • Muscle relaxation and pain relief
  • Pain management