The Super Saver Package is Back!  For the pool owner who doesn’t mind pitching in and getting some of the work done themselves.  We’ll give you a jump start, and if you need to, choose any of our additional services as add-ons from our a la carte service menu.


Let’s face it, it’s not uncommon to open your pool and find it over-ridden with algae, which is impossible to clear up in one visit.  That’s why we have developed a new 2 visit opening package that includes REVIVE! We’ll make sure you get your swim season off to a great start.

With Package 2 you pre-pay and save!  Schedule your pool opening & closing and take advantage of this pre-season, one time only savings.  You can even add our new REVIVE! package to make sure your pool is ready when you are.

Package 3 offers all the pre-paid savings of package 2, but we’ve included the REVIVE! start up package, which includes 2 visits, and 2 winter maintenances.

E-Z pool care is back!  This is our premium pool opening & closing package.  With this package we will guarantee no algae, that's right, GUARANTEE NO ALGAE!  We will open your pool with our new start-up which includes REVIVE!, maintain your pool weekly for 20 weeks, close your pool with our complete winter closing package, visit your pool in the winter months with 3 winter maintenance visits, & to top it all off ALL chemicals are included.  This is truly a package where you can just sit back, relax, & enjoy your summer, we'll take care of the rest.