Package 3 offers all the pre-paid savings of package 2, but we’ve included the REVIVE! start up package which includes 2 visits during opening, and 2 winter maintenances during the coldest winter months.

  • Complete Pool Opening

  • Includes 12 Point Opening Service

  • Includes 2 REVIVE! Visits

  • System Diagnostic at Opening

  • Complete Pool Closing

  • Includes 12 Point Closing Service

  • System Diagnostic at Closing

  • Includes 2 Winter Maintenance Visits

The REVIVE! start up package includes 2 separate visits:


  • Remove Cover, Rinse, & Store on Site

  • Remove all Winter Plugs

  • Start-Up System & Check for Leaks

  • REVIVE! Added

  • Reinstall Deck Equipment

  • Sweep Loose Debris from Pool Patio



  • Vacuum Pool 1/2 hour/addl. hour at $95

  • System Start Up

  • Add Chemicals, Test, & Adjust

  • Assemble Automatic Cleaner

  • Reinstall Sanitizer Cartridges

  • Free Delivery of Chemical Order

  • Advise Clients of Needed Repairs


REVIVE! is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water and stain pool surfaces. It’s fast-acting formula clears the water without the need to pre-balance the pool. 

  • REVIVE! does the work of several products - phosphate remover, metal treatment, and clarifier

  • Ideal for well water!

  • A great way to give your pool water a fresh start for the season!

  • Remove cover, rinse, & store on site, if applicable

  • Remove all Winter Plugs

  • Reassemble Filtration System

  • Start-Up System & Check for Leaks

  • Add start-up Chemical Kit

  • Reinstall Deck Equipment

  • Sweep Loose Debris from Patio

  • Reinstall Alternate Sanitizer

  • Cartridges (client provided)

  • Vacuum Pool 1/2 hour, addl. hour at $95

  • Assembly of Automatic Cleaner

  • Free Delivery of Chemical Order

  • Advise Client of Needed Repairs


  • Vacuum Pool 1/2 Hour, addl. hour at $95

  • Backwash Filter System / Lower Water Level

  • Hose Off DE Grids (if applicable)

  • Empty Skimmer Baskets / Pump Baskets

  • Remove Plugs from Filter, Pump, & Cleaner Pump

  • Remove & Dispose of Vision | Frog Cartridges

  • Turn System Breakers Off / Remove Timer Stops

  • Winterize Filter System / Pumps / Heater (if applicable)

  • Add Antifreeze & Plug Lines

  • Remove Ladders / Handrails / Automatic Cleaner

  • Add Algaecide / Add Premium Chemical Kit

  • Install Winter Cover

  • Advise Client of Needed Repairs


Don't let this list fool you.  Our Winter Maintenance visits are designed to make sure that your pool receives the attention it needs during the winter months to avoid any off season damage.  Our winters can be unpredictable, we'll help make sure your investment is taken care of.

  • Lower Water Level in Pool to Proper Level

  • Add Algaecide

  • Inspect Equipment

  • Advise of Any Needed Repairs


Don't worry about lugging buckets of chemicals!  Order your chemicals when you schedule your opening & we'll deliver them for FREE