Let’s face it, it’s not uncommon to open your pool and find it over-ridden with algae, which is impossible to clear up in one visit.  That’s why we have developed a new 2 visit opening package that includes REVIVE! We’ll make sure you get your swim season off to a great start.



  • Remove Cover, Rinse, & Store on Site
  •  Remove all Winter Plugs
  •  System Set Up
  •  REVIVE! Added
  •  Reinstall Deck Equipment
  •  Sweep Loose Debris from Pool Patio


  • Vacuum Pool
  •  System Start Up
  •  Add Chemicals, Test, & Adjust
  •  Assemble Automatic Cleaner
  •  Reinstall Sanitizer Cartridges
  •  Free Delivery of Chemical Order
  •  Advise Clients of Needed Repairs


REVIVE! is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water and stain pool surfaces. It’s fast-acting formula clears the water without the need to pre-balance the pool. 

  • REVIVE! does the work of several products - phosphate remover, metal treatment, and clarifier
  • Ideal for well water!
  • A great way to give your pool water a fresh start to the season!




Don't worry about lugging buckets of chemicals!  Order your chemicals when you schedule your opening & we'll deliver them for FREE