The Gold Spa Package is our premium spa package and comes complete with the following services:

  • Draining of your spa
  • Flush spa lines with our specially formulated cleaner
  • Replacement of the filter & disposal of the old filter
  • Cleaning of the spa shell
  • Waxing of the spa shell
  • Cleaning of the spa cabinet (sorry, not for wood)
  • Cleaning and conditioning of the cover and pillows
  • Inspection of the heater and ozonator
  • Spa inspection of wires
  • Refilling of your spa (we will refill using your water)
  • Start up & Chemical kit (included)
  • Spa inspection of operation


Just like all of the components of your spa, the spa shell is important! This package includes shell detailing. This is a two-step process. The shell is first cleaned with a special cleanser that is formulated for acrylic shell materials. In the second step we hand buff and use a water and chemical neutral wax. This service is one that is often overlooked, but it is sure to enhance your spas beauty, restore its luster, and protect your spa shell.