An above ground pool is the natural choice for affordability, flexibility and low maintenance.  Injection-molded resin and super sturdy steel are the keys to this pool’s incredible endurance!  You can count on loads of worry-free fun, recreation and relaxation.

Cost Del Sol Key Features

  • 7" injected resin top ledge 
  • 7" fully supportive steel uprights
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Resin Bottom Track - won't rust or corrode
  • Top Connectors: 2 piece resin connectors provide precise fit and extra strength
  • Widemouth skimmer cut-outs
above ground pool liner pattern

above ground pool liner pattern

Gibraltar Buttress Free System

  • Exclusive buttress-free system
  • Maximizes yard space by eliminating unsightly struts
  • Oval Pools Only

The Gibraltar Buttress-Free System is an oval pool that does not require angle side supports (buttresses), which take up extra yard space.  This unique system delivers unsurpassed structural strength without visible supports, has an attractive streamlined appearance and takes up less valuable yard space.

All Weather Protection

The top ledges and uprights on every Atlantic Pool undergo a state-of-the-art protective treatment process.  In addition, they are coated with Texture-Kote.  This combination provides incredibly long-lasting, all weather protection with added resistance against corrosion, scratching and damaging UV rays.  Atlantic's unique quadra-fold system and bolting pattern provides maximum wall joint strength.