The Complete Closing Package is our Premium Package for the pool owner who wants to make sure that the entire closing is done right.  Just sit back and relax.  We will take care of absolutely everything.

  • Vacuum Pool 1/2 Hour, addl. hour at $95
  • Backwash Filter System / Lower Water Level 
  • Hose Off DE Grids (if applicable)
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets / Pump Baskets
  • Remove Plugs from Filter, Pump, & Cleaner Pump
  • Remove & Dispose of Vision | Frog Cartridges
  • Turn System Breakers Off / Remove Timer Stops
  •  Winterize Filter System / Pumps / Heater (if applicable)
  •  Add Antifreeze & Plug Lines
  • Remove Ladders / Handrails / Automatic Cleaner
  • Add Algaecide / Add Premium Chemical Kit
  • Install Winter Cover
  • Advise Client of Needed Repairs